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“Welcome to FeatureMii!” Recreate your image, make new friends, and join for Free!

FeatureMii is for everyone:

If you are viewing this, chances are you are an interesting person who deserves to be featured. FeatureMii was created with you in mind. If you want to share your unique features, this site is for you. This site is the place to capture and showcase you. With a little creativity from you and a few invites of your family and friends, there’s no telling how your community will grow. FeatureMii is a new site and is working hard to continually bring updates and new features to our users. So, stay tuned, invite everyone you know, and have fun. Join NOW, it’s Frrrreeeeeeee!!

Create a community on FeatureMii and you can share notes, photos, and much more with people close to you or people you’re just getting to know.

What’s Happening on FeatureMii:

  • Friends keeping in touch Online

  • Brag on your favorite school and team

  • Post events on your profile page or use the public event page for the world to see

  • Business people and co-workers finding combined ground in their networking efforts

  • Classmates keeping in touch

  • Find that special someone

  • Create a specialty page (Baller’s, cheer, and band etc..) show the world what you can do

  • Study partners sharing notes

  • Showing school spirit (past, present or future)

Steps to get you started in creating a successful community on FeatureMii:

1. First, Sign Up and Create a Profile

2. Second, Invite all of your Friends to join you on the newest and coolest site on the web.

3. Third, don’t be shy. Reach out to people already on the site and request to be their friend.

4. Forth, have Good clean fun and enjoy the site.

5. View and follow internet safety tips.

What we are serious about:

Please Note: Anything that is found offensive will be taken down as soon as we are aware of the offense. Also if you are a sexual predator or pervert, your profile will be taken down immediately if there is any mention of anything inappropriate. FeatureMii was created for universal communities not weirdoes.